How to vote

We realise that it is not possible for many of our members to come to the AGM and vote in person. Therefore, we make it possible for you to use your vote by nominating a proxy. A proxy means that you can either nominate someone you know to come to the AGM and vote on your behalf or (as the majority of our members do) you can nominate the person chairing the AGM to vote on your behalf. You can instruct the chair of the AGM to use your vote in the same way that they intend to use their own, or you can use your voting form to tell them how you would like them to cast your vote for you.

Please see instructions on the voting form (posted to you) to tell us how you intend to use your vote.

However you intend to vote, please make sure we receive your signed voting form by 5pm on 3 October 2016.

What resolutions are you asking me to vote on?

In 2016, we will be asking you to approve four ‘ordinary resolutions’ covering issues that come up at the AGM every year.

Resolution one

In resolution one, we ask you to approve the Annual Report and Financial Statements for the year ended 31 March 2016. This comprises:

  • the report of directors – a report from the National Deaf Children's Society Trustee Board explaining performance against targets and our future plans

  • the annual accounts – which set out NDCS’s financial position

  • the auditors’ report – confirmation from our auditors that National Deaf Children's Society’s accounts are correct and that National Deaf Children's Society is in a good financial position.


Resolution two

In resolution two, we ask you to agree to reappoint Kingston Smith LLP as National Deaf Children's Society's auditors for the coming year. Kingston Smith LLP is a chartered accountancy firm who will be responsible for inspecting National Deaf Children's Society's accounting records and procedures for the financial year 2016/2017.


Resolution three

In resolution three, we ask you to elect a new member to NDCS’s Trustee Board. At the National Deaf Children's Society we have rules about who our trustees are, how they are elected and how long they can serve as a trustee.

Our elected trustees have to be parents and carers of deaf children, and members of the National Deaf Children's Society.

These trustees can be appointed by the Trustee Board but must be elected by our voting members at the first AGM following their appointment. Currently we can have up to eight elected trustees.

This year Jan Rutherford is standing for election to the Trustee Board. You can read about Jan and use your voting form (posted to you) to let us know your decision.


Resolution four

In resolution four, we ask you to re-elect members of NDCS’s Trustee Board who have retired by rotation. We have a rule that says that at every AGM a third of the elected trustees must stand down and put themselves up for re-election. In total, a trustee, if re-elected, can serve for up to nine consecutive years before they have to stand down. Under resolution four this year, Jane Hill and Claire McClafferty are standing for re-election (there are places for both). You can read about Jane and Claire and use your voting form (posted to you) to let us know your decisions.

If you have any other questions about the event then please contact Michelle Gardner on 020 7014 5923.