Trustees for election and re-election

Candidates for election or re-election at the AGM 2017

We have rules about who our trustees are, how they are elected by our members and how long they can serve as a trustee. We can have up to eight elected trustees. Our elected trustees have to be parents and carers of deaf children, and members of the National Deaf Children’s Society.
We also have a rule that says that at every AGM a third of our elected trustees must stand down (‘retire by rotation’) and put themselves up for re-election. In total, a trustee, if re-elected, can serve for up to nine consecutive years.

Candidates standing for election (resolution 3)
Jennie Rayson

NDCS trustee Jennie Rayson

Jennie has two children, the youngest of whom has a bilateral moderate to severe hearing loss and wears hearing aids.

Jennie is an economist and senior civil servant with 20 years’ experience in the public sector. She is experienced in setting strategic objectives and plans in public sector environments, and has advised Boards on strategic opportunities and risks. As a professional government economist, Jennie is also highly experienced in using evidence and analysis to underpin policies, set strategies and assess value for money.

“As the parent of a deaf child, when I first found the National Deaf Children’s Society and read of their vision of a world without barriers for every deaf child, it just seemed to sum up in a sentence everything I felt about my own child - that he should be able to do anything that his friends, sibling and cousins could do. The National Deaf Children’s Society plays such an important role, in so many ways, in trying to make that a reality for all our children.”

Dominic Holton

New NDCS trustee Dominic Holton

Dominic has one child, (born 2014), who was born with Enlarged Vestibular Aqueducts and progressive bilateral hearing loss. His daughter’s deafness is currently severe and she wears hearing aids.

Dominic has 14 years’ experience in the financial services industry, with a passion for helping consumers to improve their financial well-being, and has been involved in developing several digital comparison services across Europe. A statistician by training, his background is in analysing existing situations (financial, consumer, market) and devising and implementing strategy to achieve a desired vision or outcome.

“As a hearing parent of a deaf child, I found the post-diagnosis learning curve incredibly steep; the information and support provided by the National Deaf Children's Society was the most incredible lifeline at that time, and my motivation for becoming a trustee is to help to continue that support and make it even more accessible in the future.”

Trustees standing for re-election
Lisa Capper

Lisa Capper - Chair

Lisa has two children, her son has a right side Microtia, is moderately deaf and wears a bone conducting hearing aid which fixes to his head with an innovative sticky patch.

Lisa is Principal and Director of Education and Skills at Nacro, the Social Justice Charity. Previously she was Vice Principal of an FE College and Executive Director of their Academies’ Trust. She has a background as an Assistant Director in central government, and as a senior manager in the charitable sector specialising in FE and education policy and programme development, childcare and parent partnership work. She has an MBA from Aston University and is a member of the national network of women chairs. Lisa joined the Trustee Board in 2010 and has been the Chair of our Trustee Board since July 2015.

“The National Deaf Children’s Society offers a lifeline to parents and carers and helps them navigate all of those tricky transition points such as starting nursery or secondary school. Through the new strategy it also supports young people in becoming more independent teenagers and make the move to further or higher education, training or employment. As a parent of a deaf child I want to continue to work with others to break down the barriers that children and families face and to support the organisation to go from strength to strength in what are quite challenging times.”

Tim Polack

Tim Polack - Vice Chair

Tim has two children. His son is profoundly deaf as a result of meningitis, and has a cochlear implant.

Tim is Head of Consulting at Informa Business Intelligence, an information services firm. He advises businesses and organisations on strategy and operational improvements. Tim joined the Trustee Board in 2013 and has been the Vice-Chair of our Trustee Board since July 2015.

“We are very grateful for the fantastic support we have had from the National Deaf Children’s Society since my son was first diagnosed deaf in 2009. It is a privilege to be able to be a trustee – the work of the National Deaf Children’s Society is hugely important for every deaf child and young person, and their families. I hope my professional expertise and my experience as the parent of a deaf child will be valuable to the National Deaf Children’s Society, and enable me to make a real contribution”.