Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures: About the author

Biography: Alex Naidoo

Here's Daisy the hero of our new children's book. (credit: NDCS)

Alex Naidoo is the author and illustrator of our first children's book Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures.

She was born and raised in north-west London and later went to art school, drama school and teacher training college. Her career highlights include being chief custard pie maker for a children’s TV programme, spotlight operator for West End musicals, and teacher of everyone from pensioners to young offenders.

Alex lives with her partner and two young children. Visit Alex's website for more examples of her fantastic illustrations.

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Creating Daisy and Ted's Awesome Adventures

Alex says many of the ideas for the book came from her experiences with her own children:

“Rainy Saturday afternoons in our house are frequently spent making interstellar time travelling machines out of cardboard boxes, pirate cutlasses out of rolled up bits of paper and complete suits of armour out of bubble wrap. I tried to instil in the hero, Daisy, the same values I have endeavoured to teach my children: She is patient, kind and helpful, brave, confident and independent."

We hope Daisy and Ted’s Awesome Adventures is a source of support for deaf children and encourages their hearing friends to be more deaf aware, but, ultimately, it’s a fun adventure story for any child to enjoy.