Xmas appeal 2013

Please help NDCS bring hope to a family who have just found out their child is deaf.

Help NDCS support every deaf child this Christmas

Today, four children will be born deaf in the UK

Please donate now so we can be there for every family that needs us this Christmas.

Cerys Donnelly was 18 months old when she caught a mystery illness and lost her hearing overnight. Thankfully, NDCS was there to help her stricken family come to terms with the news.

With one-to-one support from their dedicated family officer and the knowledge they gained through our family events, the Donnellys could move forward with hope for Cerys’s future.

But with four babies being born deaf every day in the UK, and more becoming deaf later on, there are many families out there who still need our help.

We rely on generous support from the public for almost all of our income. Please donate today, to help us be there for every family that needs us.

xmas appeal