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Family stories about deaf children with additional complex needs

In this section you can read a selection of stories about families with a deaf child with additional complex needs. These stories have all featured in Families, our quarterly magazine for members.

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Caleb and brothers

Down's syndrome - four year old Caleb

With no way of communicating about what he enjoyed or how he was feeling, Lisa and Pete struggled to include four-year-old Caleb, who has Down’s syndrome, in family life. Family Sign Language classes close to their South Wales home were the answer. 

Nico and family

Autism and ADHD - seven year old Nicolas

With three children each with very different needs, life at home for Susana and Jacobo is hectic. But understanding seven-year-old profoundly deaf Nicolas’ autism and ADHD is bringing peace for the family.

Gethin and family

Deaf and blind - 11 year old Gethin

There’s never a dull moment for 11-year-old Gethin, who’s proving that multi-sensory impairments needn’t be a barrier to enjoying life.


CHARGE syndrome - one year old Isaac

For parents Gareth and Kelly, every day is a surprise with 16-month old Isaac who has CHARGE syndrome. As they’ve discovered more about the condition, they’ve learnt to take each day as it comes and are incredibly proud of their son.

Aliyah sitting on the sofa with her brothers.

Cerebral palsy - 13 year old Aliyah

Jacqui watched her daughter Aliyah, 13, struggle to overcome the challenges of deafness and cerebral palsy, and endure being bullied. A new school and NDCS holidays helped her find new confidence.

Siblings of deaf children with additional needs

When there’s a deaf child with additional needs in the family, it affects everyone, including siblings. Here Michelle and Sue share how their daughters benefited from NDCS’s Big Weekend for families with deaf children who have additional complex needs.