Decorating and customising your child's hearing aids or cochlear implants

The current range of NHS hearing aids features a selection of colours, including bright primary colours, softer pastels, metallics and animal print. The NHS range of cochlear implants is also available in a range of colours and designs. This is great news for children, who may not be as keen on the beige, brown and grey shades that adults often wear.

If your child wants their hearing aids or cochlear implants to be colourful, ask your audiologist about the range of shades or designs available for their model. If you cannot get coloured options from your audiologist, there are ways you and your child can customise the technology.

Important information to know before decorating

While some parents have shared their personal suggestions on how to decorate hearing aids with stickers, diamantes and nail art, there are important points to consider before you do this.

Hearing aids are a long-term loan to you from the NHS and are not your property. If you damage them, you may invalidate any warranty the aid has. You may be charged for the repair if the NHS considers the damage to be through your actions.

  • Take care to ensure that any parts in the casing that need to remain uncovered, such as additional microphone ports or direct audio input contacts, are not covered.
  • Do not glue anything directly onto the casing, or use paints or nail polish.
  • It is best to check with your audiologist about decorating your child’s technology before you start.



The next time your child has impressions taken for new moulds ask what colours are available. Earmoulds come in solid colours, marble effects, transparent with glitter and with logos or pictures inside, such as a favourite football team or cartoon character.


Removable tube decorations

You can add removable decorations to the earmould tubing - have a look at the Zizi's EarsPimp My Hearing Aids/Cochlear Implants UK and Tubetastic Pimps websites. Other options are charms and Tube Twists, created by a teenager and available through her website Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms.


Hearing aid and cochlear implant covers and colours

Ear Gear, available through Connevans, come in a range of colours for a variety of hearings aids and cochlear implants. These covers are removable and help protect the aids against moisture and dirt.

Skinit covers are available for the Cochlear Nucleus Freedom, Cochlear Nucleus 5 and Cochlea Nucleus 6 sound processors.

Other covers for the Cochlear Nucleus 5 processor are available through Connevans.

The Advanced Bionics waterproof Neptune cochlear implant comes in a range of colours. A free app on the Advance Bionics website and Apple iTunes store allows you to design a Neptune with your choice of colours.



Some manufacturers may give sheets of stickers the right size for their hearing aids.


Hearing aid retainers and head bands

Hearing aid retainers help stop hearing aids falling off. A parent has set up her own online shop selling decorated and personalised retainers.

Hearing aid head bands hold cochlear implant processors, bone conduction hearing aids and behind-the-ear hearing aids in place. They are available in fun designs from websites such as:



Useful resources and further reading

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