Implantable hearing devices

Implantable hearing devices are surgically fitted hearing devices which may be suitable for your child if conventional hearing aids are not. The most common and well known implantable devices are cochlear implants and bone conduction hearing implants. However, there are more and more devices becoming available to suit different types and levels of deafness. This section gives information on the different types of implants available.

A boy wearing a cochlear implant rides a bike in the garden with his sister.


  • Auditory brainstem implant (ABI)

    Information on auditory brainstem implants (ABIs), how they work, when they are offered, a list of ABI centres in the UK and links to useful ABI resources.

  • Bone conduction hearing implant (BCHI)

    Information on bone conduction hearing implants (BCHI), how they work and whether they are suitable for your child.

  • Cochlear implant (CI)

    Information on cochlear implants, how they work and who they are suitable for. Plus, families speak about the assessment and implantation process.

  • Middle-ear implant (MEI)

    Information on middle-ear implants – what they do, how they work and who can benefit from them.

  • Other information resources

    Links to other charities and sources of information and support on implants.