Preparing your child for surgery

A little boy sitting with his mum plays at being at doctor.

Deaf children may require surgery for lots of reasons including:

Planned surgery can cause anxiety for many children. Good preparation before surgery can help your child feel less worried about the procedure and help them to recover more quickly.

Many hospitals have specialist play professionals or liaison nurses who will help prepare your child. This may involve using medically-themed toys, age-appropriate information, and a visit to the ward to help them familiarise themselves with what will happen. 

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You could also find out if your local hospital has information online especially for children. For example Great Ormond Street Hospital has a website for children and one for teenagers.

Visit the following websites for some top tips.

These books are also useful for explaining surgery to your child.

  • Franklin goes to the Hospital, Paulette Bourgeois and Brenda Clark, Kids Can Press

“Franklin's shell has cracked, and he needs to be a brave turtle when it's time to go to the hospital.”

  • Going to the Hospital, Anne Civardi, Michelle Bates and Stephen Cartwright, Usbourne Publishing Ltd.

“Part of a series introducing young children to unfamiliar situations in a friendly way.”

  • Peppa Pig: Peppa goes to hospital, Ladybird Books Ltd.

“A lovely story that shows children that hospitals aren’t scary places.”

  • Maisy goes to hospital, Lucy Cousins, Walker Books.

“Join Maisy, every toddler’s best friend, for her first experience of going to hospital.”

Widgit-Health and Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust have produced free booklet and flashcards using visuals and symbols to help you explain to your child what will happen at the hospital.

Download them for free from Wigit-Health.

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