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We have four comics for children on topics such as cochlear implants, hearing aids, grommets and going to the hearing clinic.

Chloe gets Cochlear Implants

Front cover of Chloe gets cochlear implants comic

Chloe has worn hearing aids since she was a baby but now her hearing has got worse and her audiologist suggests cochlear implants might help.
This comic follows Chloe and her family as they find out more about cochlear implants and decide whether they’re right for her.
The comic also shows Chloe going into hospital for surgery, recovering and having her cochlear implants 'switched on'. 

 Download or order: Chloe gets Cochlear Implants

Going to the Hearing Clinic

Front cover of Going to the hearing clinic 2018

Are you taking your child to the hearing clinic for the first time? Finding it hard to explain what will happen? This comic will help children to understand who they will meet and what will happen, and that there’s nothing to be afraid of.

Download or order: Going to the Hearing Clinic

Ali gets Hearing Aids

Front cover of Ali gets hearing aids comic

Ali’s getting hearing aids, how does it make him feel? Excited? A bit sad? Worried? He’s just not sure, but that’s okay. Follow Ali’s adventure in getting his aids and see how he gets on. A fantastic comic book story for preparing children for what to expect when they get fitted for hearing aids.

Download or order: Ali gets hearing aids

Harvey gets Grommets

Front cover of Harvey gets grommets 2018

A short comic book story about Harvey, a young boy who gets grommets. It explains why he gets grommets, what happens when he visits the doctor, and what happens at the hospital when the grommets are put in.

Download or order: Harvey gets grommets

The Buzz for deaf young people

Older children can visit the Buzz – our website for deaf young people. They’ll be able to read all about deafness and deaf identity for themselves, as well as make friends, get support, play games and find out about our events – all in a safe space.

Buzz laptop 12-18

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