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Child Audiology service

Your audiology service

The information below aims to help support you and your deaf child when using your local audiology service and explains your rights as a user of NHS audiology services.

In this section

Going to the children’s audiology clinic?

Find out what children’s audiology clinics do, what clinic or hospital your child will attend and what help you can get with travel costs.

Children's audiology appointments

Read about how long your child will have to wait for an appointment and how often they will be seen.

Which audiology professionals will your child see at the clinic?

Find out who your child will see at the clinic and other professionals who may care for your child.

Transferring to adult audiology services

Information about when your child will transfer to adult audiology services, differences between children’s and adult’s audiology and what happens if your child goes to university.

Children's hearing aids: funding

Learn how children’s hearing aids and cochlear implants are funded, buying hearing aids privately for your child and what happens if your child loses or damages their aids.

Children's hearing aids: earmoulds, batteries and technology

Information about in-the-ear hearing aids, earmould colours and waiting times for new ones, batteries – where to get them and how to dispose of them, your child’s ‘service record’ and other technology that works with your child’s hearing aids.

Are you happy with your child's audiology service?

Read about what standards you can expect children’s audiology services to be working to, what you can do if you’re unhappy with your child’s audiology service, giving your opinions or getting involved in service improvement, seeking second opinions – through the NHS or privately.