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Bullying postcard - I'm being bullied

Anti-Bullying Week 2016

Anti-Bullying Week in England is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and takes place between 14–18 November. The theme is ‘Power for Good’ with the #antibullyingweek

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Bullying postcard - cyberbullying

Bullying and deaf children

If you are concerned about your deaf child and bullying, have a look at our free resources for parents, teachers, and young people.

Anti-bullying tips

Top tips from Ammaar

Watch 16-year-old profoundly deaf Ammaar tells us his four tips for deaf children and young people who are being bullied.


Family story: Aisha is now happier than ever

13-year-old profoundly deaf Aisha struggled to settle into secondary school and was picked on by her classmates. Now, with a change of school she’s back on track and happier than ever.


Family story: Aliyah finds new confidence

Jacqui watched her daughter Aliyah, 13, struggle to overcome the challenges of deafness and cerebral palsy, and endure being bullied. A new school and NDCS holidays helped her find new confidence.

Deaf teen covering her face

Blog: How will Hayley handle her bully turning up at her college?

Moderately deaf Hayley, 16, has been thriving at catering college, but what will she do now a bully from her old school has turned up?

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Logo from the anti-bullying alliance for anti-bullying week 2016.

Anti-bullying alliance

Anti-Bullying Week in England is coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and takes place every year in November. Visit for more information.