Developing maths skills in 3–4 year old deaf children

Free guide to download

There are many simple things you can do to develop maths skills in children with a hearing loss before they start school. NDCS has produced a guide called ‘Helping your deaf child to develop early maths skills (3-4 year olds)’ to give you ideas of how to build up these skills through everyday play and activities.

The guide give tips about:

  • Helping your child pick up words that they'll need for maths (such as count, add, plus, weigh) through rhymes, songs and stories.
  • Helping deaf children with numbers: for example, the sound of numbers, the order of numbers, recognising numbers, calculations.
  • Helping deaf children with shapes and measurements through games and activities.
  • Ideas for problem solving opportunities you can provide for your child – this may be difficult for some deaf children and relies heavily on understanding language and working memory skills.
  • Everyday activities and games for developing maths skills, and ideas about how to make playtime more enjoyable.
To read the full guide, follow the link below. If you’re not already an NDCS member, you’ll need to sign up for free to access it. NDCS members also have free access to a range of information resources, support services, and events.

Download: Helping your deaf child to develop early maths skills (3-4 year olds)

“As a parent of a three year old deaf child, this is an invaluable learning resource. I’d recommend it highly to parents of deaf or hearing children.” – Ashling Boyle, NDCS member.

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