Preparing your deaf child for primary school

Free guide to download

Once you have chosen a primary school for your deaf child, you’ll need to start preparing them for school life. NDCS has produced a guide called 'Starting primary school' about how to prepare children with a hearing loss for some of the changes school life brings. It also gives ideas about fun activities to help your child start thinking about the kinds of things they will do when they go to primary school.

The guide gives tips about:

  • The types of school your deaf child could go and how to choose one that caters for their needs. Our page on choosing a school for your deaf child provides further guidance.
  • The support that’s available to deaf children at primary school in the form of specialist staff, statutory assessments and statements.
  • Preparing your child for school, for example through games, and getting them used to being around other children and adults.
  • Fun activities to encourage good language and literacy and maths skills.
  • Preparing your child for art, science, ICT, and PE lessons. 

To read the full guide, follow the link below. If you’re not already an NDCS member, you’ll need to sign up for free to access it. NDCS members also have free access to a range of information resources, support services, and events.

Download: Starting primary school