NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
Giving advice on financial support for deaf children

Financial support

There are a number of welfare benefits and other sources
of support available for a family with a deaf child, or for deaf young people.

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Benefits 1

Welfare benefits

Find out what benefits are available for deaf children and their families.


Disability Living Allowance (DLA) for deaf children

Information on DLA for parents, including what it is, how to claim (for under 3s and under 16s), gathering supporting evidence and appealing DLA decisions.

Girl talking to parents 16+

Personal Independence Payment (PIP) for deaf people

Information for both deaf young people and their parents on PIP, including what it is, how to claim and how to support your child with filling in the PIP2 questionnaire.

Siblings signing

Top tips for making a Disability Living Allowance (DLA) or Personal Independence Payment (PIP) claim

If you’re about to make a DLA claim for your deaf child, or if you’re a deaf young person about to make a PIP claim, we have some top tips to make sure your claim is as effective as possible. 

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Sources of funding

Information on other sources of funding for deaf children and their families, including charitable support and Educational Maintenance Allowance.

Oliver was awarded DLA

Family story: Financial support for Oliver

Read Oliver’s story told by his mum, Annette, to find out how claiming DLA has made a huge difference to their lives.