Different types of hearing devices

There are various types of technology that can help deaf children and young people to hear.

The three most common ones are:

Behind-the-ear hearing aid

Boy at school (credit: NDCS)

This is the most common model, but your child’s aid may look slightly different. 

If you have any questions about behind-the-ear hearing aids, see the NDCS publication Hearing Aids – Information for families

Cochlear implant

Boy wearing cochlear implant (credit: NDCS)

This is a special type of hearing device which is fitted during an operation. Cochlear implants have two parts – an internal receiver which is implanted surgically and an external part which is worn like a hearing aid. Cochlear implants are for children and adults who gain limited or no benefit from hearing aids.

If you have any questions about cochlear implants, see the NDCS publication Cochlear Implants – A guide for families.

Bone-anchored hearing aid

Girl wearing a baha (credit: NDCS)

This type of hearing aid is fitted during an operation and clips on to a titanium screw implanted into the skull-bone behind the ear.

If you have any questions, see the NDCS publication Bone Anchored Hearing Aids – Information for families

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