Grants and equipment

There are a variety of benefits available for a family with a deaf child, or for young deaf people.

The National Deaf Children’s Society has a range of grants to help deaf children and young people get involved with activities, learning and skill development which might be difficult to access.

Why do we offer grants? 

We work to remove barriers for deaf children and young people in accessing activities and in their personal, educational, social and skills development.

We believe that deaf children and young people should receive the same access as their hearing peers but understand that sometimes there are financial barriers. 

We offer two grants to help support the removal of these financial barriers: The Development Grant and the Inclusion Grant. 

We also offer the Innovation Grant which is for local groups and youth organisations who want to develop better opportunities for deaf young people.

Innovation Grant

Our Innovation Grant supports youth organisations to get deaf young people involved in their local communities. 

We have grants of up to £1500 for projects that support social action or volunteering and include deaf young people.

Your idea should bring young deaf people and their community together and help build skills and opportunities for the future.

The grant will next open for applications in Spring 2019. If you have a great idea for a volunteering project for deaf young people and you just can't wait until then, please get in touch at to see if we can help in other ways. 

Innovation Grant Flyer 204kb

Innovation Grant Flyer


Inclusion Grant

Our Inclusion Grant is for deaf children and young people and families who want to get involved with activities but need financial help and support. You might need special equipment, such as walking boots to attend or we could help with costs of travel to activities.  
You can apply for money if you want to access our National Deaf Children's Society youth and family events, or get involved with activities run by other organisations.  
Up to £150 is available for successful applicants. 

Who can apply? 

  • Anyone aged 8–18 can apply.
  • If you’re under 14, your parent/carer must apply on your behalf.
  • If you’re 14 years and over you can apply but your parent/carer will need to support your application. 

Please allow at least 1 month for us to receive and process your application before you need the money. Inclusion grants are assessed on the last week of every month apart from December. Applications received in December will be assessed at the end of January. 

Apply for our Inclusion Grant now

If you have any questions about the Inclusion Grant please email:


Development Grant

Our Development Grant is for deaf young people who want to learn, gain experience and develop new skills which will improve their future. 

 If you are between 11 and 25 years old you can apply for the Development Grant.

For example, you may want to attend some cookery classes to aid your development in cookery as you would like to be a Chef when you are older. Or you may want to become a climbing coach but need some money to buy the climbing shoes so you can attend the coaching course. 

You can apply for money towards a qualification, for travel or to buy the equipment you might need to support your learning or development.

Up to £300 is available for successful applicants.

Please allow at least 1 month for us to receive and process your application before you need the money. Development grants are assessed on the last week of every month apart from December. Applications received in December will be assessed at the end of January.

Apply for our Development Grant now


Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how much I can apply for?

The most that we can give someone who has applied for the Development Grant is £300, and the Inclusion Grant is £150.

Depending on the application, sometimes we will offer less than this. 

Please note we do not fund laptops or other computer equipment. 


What do you look for in an application?  

 It helps us if you give us as much information as possible, such as why you want to do the course or activity. What it is you would like us to support and how much it will cost. It also helps us to know when the activity is, and what the dates are you would like to start. 

We are looking for complete and informative application forms. 


Can I apply again if I've applied before?

A young person can apply for a grant they have had before providing it is not in the same financial year. For example, if you have applied since it was April, you will have to wait until after the next April before you apply again. 


Can I use the Development Grant to pay towards an apprenticeship? 

No, the Development Grant does not pay for or towards any apprenticeship or department of education related courses or educational activities. 

The Skills Funding Agency may be able to support towards support related to apprenticeships.