Welcome aboard the NDCS Roadshow

A free educational service which raises awareness and brings information to deaf children across the UK

The NDCS Roadshow

The hugely popular Roadshow has been travelling the UK since 1996 delivering the NDCS’s unique information service to the doorstep of the nation’s deaf children, their families and friends, and the professionals working with them.

The friendly and knowledgeable Roadshow team provides a range of workshops and demonstrate the latest equipment available to give deaf children and young people more independence and the opportunity to try the equipment for themselves. Flashing doorbells, bluetooth neckloops (for iPods and mobile phones) and vibrating alarm clocks are just some examples of the wide range of equipment on show that can hugely benefit deaf young people.

The workshops on offer for deaf pupils are:

  • Who Am I?
  • Emotional Health and Well Being
  • My Future
  • Technology

Look, Smile, Chat  and About Deafness workshops are available for the hearing classmates of deaf children/young people and aim to raise deaf awareness and close the communication gap between deaf and hearing pupils. 

The Roadshow also stocks NDCS publications and provides information on all other NDCS services and activities, plus other essential deafness related resources such as where to purchase equipment, online resources for deaf young people, parent led local groups and more.

Since its launch, the Roadshow has travelled all over Britain, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland visiting hundreds of venues, including mainstream and deaf schools, sensory support services, audiology centres and special events. The Roadshow has been completely revamped over the years and has developed from a purely technology focused showcase to an all encompassing information centre.


Technology on board the Roadshow

The Roadshow carries examples of the following equipment:

  • Amplified telephones and flashing telephone alerts
  • Bluetooth neckloops for mobile phones, music and TV
  • Loop systems for TV and mobile phones
  • Music Link Earhooks (for Ipods/MP3s/ laptops etc)
  • Textphones
  • Vibrating Alarm clocks
  • Smoke detectors
  • Flashing Doorbells
  • Personal paging systems alerting to home devices
  • Radio aids
  • Deaf Awareness DVDs

What people say

“I think the Roadshow is brilliant! My favourite gadget onboard is the vibrating alarm clock, which I want at home to help me wake up in the mornings." Oscar, eight, profoundly deaf with two cochlear implants.

 “By entering onto the Roadshow you were part of a learning zone that was more stimulating than a typical classroom in secondary school. It stimulated discussion among the students, raised the profile of the deaf students within the school and gave them positive recognition”. Teacher of the Deaf.