NDCS Roadshow feedback

Here you can read some of the feedback we've had from visitors!

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"We love that the Roadshow can spend a whole day at our school "

"This is third time in 3 years that we had the Roadshow visit us and every year it gets better and better! The children and the staff are always very excited for the Roadshow to arrive at school. We love the fact that they come so prepared and ready to deal with the children with different needs, and have suitable resources to make sure workshops meet their needs. We enjoy the fact that the NDCS team come and talk to the parents and take their time providing information and discussing things with them. They answer all their questions and make them feel at ease. We are already looking at dates to book the Roadshow next year!"

 Rose Payne, Hearing Support Assistant, Chingford 

"The sessions were all excellent "

"I think every child learnt much more about what it's like to be deaf. The information about classroom noise was particularly enlightening & relevant as I know our deaf pupils struggle with this".

Lizi Bridle, SENCO, Bishops Stortford 

"I got some great ideas for Deaf Awareness sessions for hearing children! Fun, simple activities that the children loved"

"The children had a great time and learnt a lot about how to get help and become more emotionally literate. The little ones had a great time too, its very important for them to see Deafness is normal".

Fiona Wallis, Teacher of the Deaf, Norwich 

"The Deaf Awareness sessions were very useful for the hearing children so that they can learn how to communicate effectively with their deaf friends"

"Thank you so much for yesterday. Our Deaf children were talking about the Roadshow this morning and they want to go on it again! I was approached by some mainstream children asking if they can go on the bus as they heard so many good things from others who went on it".

Mark Gill, Teacher of the Deaf, Bristol. 

"A HUGE THANK YOU FOR THIS VISIT, we all thoroughly enjoyed it :)"

"Excellent resources and very visual for those students with additional learning needs. Communication was adapted to tailor for the students' particular needs very well".

Alison Hayes, High Wycombe. 

"On behalf of our team, I just want to thank all of the Roadshow Team for a really interesting and engaging afternoon"

"It made such a difference  to be able to see the Technology working,  as opposed to simply looking at it in a catalogue".

 Jenny Pickard, Specialist Teacher, Herts. 

"Can we book the Roadshow again for sometime next year as the other workshops will be of huge benefit"

"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of the Roadshow team for a fab day! The children all really enjoyed it and they responded really well to the lovely good natured vibe on the bus".

Jenny Saunders, Leicestershire.