New animations to empower deaf young people at exam time

We worked with deaf teenagers to produce animations to answer their questions about taking exams, and their concerns when they face other crucial crossroads in their lives such as deciding whether to go to college of do an apprenticeship.

Members of the Young People’s Advisory Board (YAB) worked with NDCS to tell us about the concerns that are important to deaf teenagers when they face taking exams and are unsure about what extra support they can have, or when they are confused about options available to them for their futures. Members of the YAB also worked with NDCS to shape the animations, giving their views on the colours, music and language that would work.

The animations are aimed at empowering deaf young people to make informed decisions about their futures, raise their aspirations and inform them that deafness doesn’t have to be a barrier to achieving their ambitions. For example the exams animation gives deaf young people information about what support is available to them during exams, such as a note taker or requesting extra time.

On Thursday, 15 November from 4pm to 5pm NDCS will hold an online Twitter chat to answer questions from deaf young people and their families and teachers about the support available at exam time and when making decisions about college and apprenticeships. Please encourage your child to take part and join in the Twitter chat by following @NDCS_UK using #myfuture.

The animations are available on NDCS’s website for deaf young people, The Buzz