Videos for deaf children, teens and their families

Want to hear about the experiences of other families with deaf children? Our YouTube channel has lots of videos featuring deaf children, teenagers and their families. Subscribe below so you can watch all our latest videos as soon as we add them.


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What videos can I watch?

Our channel has a range of videos that you may find interesting. Below are some of our most popular playlists:

Family stories videos

Parents of deaf children share their experiences of deafness and give us a glimpse into their lives in our 'My deaf child: family story videos' playlist.



Videos for deaf young people

Deaf teens tell us what life is like for them and share top tips with each other in our ‘Videos for deaf teens’ playlist.


Hearing aids and technology videos

Our audiologist takes us step-by-step through hearing aids, radio aids and amplified phones in our ‘How to videos: equipment for deaf children’ playlist.

Other resources

Video transcripts of many of our videos are available for you to download.

You might also be interested in viewing and ordering our wide range of information resources and publications, including helpful guides and factsheets.