Protecting your deaf child

NDCS provides valuable information that could help you to protect your deaf child from danger.

Our ‘Parenting tips' booklet contains a range of valuable advice and tips from parents of deaf children. The section on ‘Warning children of danger’ highlights how parents talk about the ways in which they guided their children through the dangers of everyday life. Whether it’s making your child aware of the dangers of heat, sharp objects, roads and stairs; or who they can turn to if they are lost, the key is good communication.

You can also meet with other parents and professionals at our family weekends and parenting classes and discuss and share experiences of how best to teach your child to be aware of danger. NDCS also run an online forum – parent place – where parents can exchange information and support for each other on a whole range of practical and emotional issues.

Our national freephone helpline is available to offer support and information on all issues around childhood deafness and there are over 100 publications available on this website. Families with deaf children can also access direct support from our family officers who are based all across the UK.

Our mission is for a world without barriers for all deaf children.  

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