Families magazine

Families is a quarterly magazine for families with deaf children. It's packed with inspirational real-life stories of deaf children and young people, news, reviews, event listings, tips and advice from parents and professionals, adult role models and loads more.

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Families magazine spring 2017

With a fresh new look and some brand new articles, the spring issue brings you even more inspirational stories from deaf children and young people. You can read:

  • how Emmie’s parents came to terms with her deafness
  • how a CROS aid helped Monty’s unilateral deafness
  • how Isabella made the transition from specialist to mainstream school

  • why Anwyn decided to learn sign language at age 14

  • how a change in policy has affected 19-year-old Max’s apprenticeship
  • tips from a careers advisor who supports deaf young people into employment.


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Families magazine winter 2016

cover of winter 2016 Families magazine (credit: NDCS)

This issue included:

  • how Ivy's parents made her world as big as possible 
  • why parents Melissa and Mark delayed Alfie’s school start by a year
  • how Cody has managed long-term glue ear
  • how our young stars have proved deafness isn’t a barrier to achieving in the arts
  • parent tips on how to help your child cope with tiredness.

Families magazine autumn 2016

Cover of autumn 2016 Families magazine (credit: NDCS)

This issue included:

  • Natalie and Chris’s proactive approach to parenting with eight-year-old son Henry
  • Sarah and Harry’s wait for an answer on the cause of Octavia’s needs
  • Braidon’s increase in confidence through a change of school and deaf-friendly swimming lessons
  • parent tips on how to help your child make friends
  • insights from an independent assessor on how she supports families with a deaf child.

Families magazine summer 2016

Families magazine summer 2016 (credit: NDCS)

This issue included:

  • mum Corey’s decision not to get her daughter a cochlear implant
  • the hobby that boosted 10-year-old Charlotte’s confidence
  • how 18-year-old Kerri manages her deafness and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • parents’ tips on how to help your child’s school understand their deafness
  • how to prepare your child for a school trip.

Families magazine spring 2016

Families magazine spring 2016 cover (credit: NDCS)

This issue included: 

  • dad Gareth’s unique gift to support daughter Briar
  • Joshua, the first deaf boxer to compete under the Amateur International Boxing Association
  • the role of a Teacher of the Deaf
  • products and solutions to make better use of smartphones
  • how grandparents can support their grandchildren.

Families magazine winter 2015

Families magazine winter 2015 (credit: NDCS)


This issue included:

  • Lucie and Scott’s journey from finding out their baby son Harry was profoundly deaf through to him having cochlear implants
  • nine-year-old Megan’s cholesteatoma and its impact on her and her family
  • two families’ experiences of having a deaf child with dyspraxia
  • advice from parents on how to make celebrations like Christmas deaf friendly
  • solutions to help deaf children and young people hear the TV better. 

Families magazine autumn 2015

Families magazine autumn 2015 (credit: NDCS)

This issue included:

  • the impact of seven-year-old Honor’s mild deafness and how no-one took it seriously
  • how unilateral deafness hasn’t stopped 11-year-old Lewis becoming a guitar pro
  • apps to support early learning in deaf children
  • advice from parents on how to make sure your family can access health information
  • education professional Nicki Harris on how to get support in further and higher education.

Families magazine summer 2015

Families Magazine cover Summer 2015 (credit: NDCS)

 This issue included:

  • ideas for deaf-friendly activities and events to keep your child entertained over the summer
  • Christian’s experience of how he juggles a busy life with the needs of his daughter Isabelle
  • one family’s tips on deaf-friendly cycling
  • advice on supporting others who may care for your child over the summer
  • 16-year-old Dan’s journey of becoming deaf at 14 due to meningitis.