Developing parenting skills

The task of parenting is the most important job many of us will ever do as we raise tomorrow’s adults. Parenting involves developing skills, knowledge, roles, resources and experiences. Parents of deaf children face many of the same parenting issues experienced by parents of hearing children but with different challenges.

Developing good communication is vital to all children and their families. With good communication skills, a child can influence and learn from others. This is necessary to develop emotional, personal and social skills. Deaf children are no different but sometimes the methods used to communicate are different.

  • Meeting other parents

    "Talking to other parents was really useful, knowing that they had gone through the same situations was encouraging, I didn't feel so out of my depth, in fact I have made some really good friends." Sarah, mother of Seana age 7

  • My child is unique

    Tips and informaiton for parents to develop their parenting skills.

  • Appreciating ourselves as parents

    Tips and advice for parents of deaf children to develop parenting skills.

  • Reducing stress

    Information and support for parents to develop skills to show positive feelings rather than stress and worry will benefit your child’s ability to participate and learn.

  • Building self esteem

    Self-esteem is how we feel about our self – our feelings of self worth and value. It is not fixed, but varies according to how we are feeling, whom we are with and what we are doing.

  • Understanding feelings

    Tips for success in acknowledging and understanding feelings of your deaf child.