Family stories

On this page you can find a selection of family stories about childhood deafness that have featured in Families, our quarterly magazine.

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Families with a child newly identified as deaf

Oliver (credit: NDCS)

Fighting for Oliver's rights
Annette had all kinds of worries about her deaf son, including how they’d manage financially. But after receiving help from NDCS the future is looking brighter. Read more

Our lifeline
When Vicky tried to learn sign language to communicate with her deaf daughter, she was frustrated to find she faced a year’s wait. Then Vicky found another way through NDCS’s Family Sign Language website. Read more

Growing in confidence together
When single mum Tayibah's son Abeer was diagnosed as profoundly deaf, she felt lost and alone.  Since then she has grown in confidence and is now looking forward to supporting other parents as part of the NDCS BME volunteer network. Read more


Early years - families with a deaf child aged from birth to four

aleeya 2 (credit: NDCS)

Twin challenges
Getting your deaf child into the right school can be a challenge and it’s even tougher when you have twins with different needs.  Mum Michelle shares the story of the obstacles she had to overcome. Read more

Leia's auditory brainstem implant
A rare form of deafness meant normal hearing technology wouldn’t benefit Leia, 4, so parents Bob and Alison pursued a ground-breaking solution: an auditory brainstem implant. Read more

Maisie’s unilateral deafness – the struggle for support
Emma and David are parents to Maisie (4), who is deaf in one ear, and Freddy (5 months). Emma tells us about her struggle to get support for Maisie. Read more

Deaf awareness double act

It’s double trouble for Karis and Paul with four-year-old twins Jack and Kali, whose connection has been invaluable for profoundly deaf Jack. Read more

A family affair
For Nasmin’s children, their grandparents’ house, where their aunty Athiya lives, is a second home. Difficulty communicating meant Aleeya, who’s deaf, couldn’t join in, but the whole family have now learnt how to support her. Read more

Supporting each other
Parents of deaf children often help each through difficult times. Julie talks about where she turned for support after the shock of discovering her daughter was deaf. Read more (NDCS members)

My experience of being a dad to a deaf child
Christian, dad to Isabelle (5) who is severely to profoundly deaf and has additional needs, tells us how he juggles full time work with the needs of his family. Read more


Primary years - families with a deaf child aged five to 10

Daisy 1 (credit: NDCS)

A clash of two spectrums
Andrew, 6, is autistic and has moderate to severe hearing loss due to ANSD. Getting people to understand how the two conditions interact is a real challenge for Andrew's parents Rik and Laura. Read more

Cholesteatoma wasn't classed as a hearing loss
When Maggie and Peter’s daughter Megan was diagnosed with cholesteatoma it was a completely new concept for the family. They soon found out how little others knew about it too. Read more

Mild deafness — major effects
Tanya looked at the printout of her daughter Honor's hearing test.  It was the usual result. Some hearing loss, slightly below ‘normal’ range. Nothing needed to be done, the specialists said. But it would soon become clear how wrong they were. Read more

Isla's got her energy back
Michelle and Graham watched seven-year-old Isla transform from bright and bubbly at pre-school to tired and miserable at primary school. They soon realised the problem… Read more

Making a splash
Wendy and Fred’s severely deaf daughter Daisy, 6, is becoming an excellent swimmer. But turbulent waters initially lay between Daisy and the support she needed. Read more

First steps to school
Whether your child prefer using speech or sign, or both, finding the right school for your deaf child is important. You need to know they’ll have the best chance to learn and develop. Mum Eda tells us how she chose one for Joshua. Read more

Starting as they mean to go on

Charlie, who is moderately to severely deaf, started primary school in September. He enjoys school and has made new friends, but things could have been very different had parents Suzi and Martin not fought to get him into a school with good acoustics. Read more


Transition years - families with a deaf child aged 11 to 13

Lowe family 2 (credit: NDCS)

Never give up
Helen fought for years to get a school that could support the needs of her son Nathan, 13, who is profoundly deaf. With the National Deaf Children’s Society right behind her, now he’s making real progress. Read more

My child isn't deaf enough
Elizabeth battled to get a formal diagnosis of deafness and the right support for her moderately deaf son Billy, 11. But with NDCS support he’s growing in confidence all the time. Read more

Starting big school
Most of us remember moving from the small, cosy primary school to the big impersonal secondary school. But how does a deaf pupil cope? Faith’s mum, Sally, shares her story with us. Read more

Back on track
When her daughter started secondary school, Rozena saw her change from a happy girl into a sad, lonely teenager. It took three years of battling, but now 13-year-old Aisha’s back on track and happier than ever. Read more


Deaf young people aged 14+

vijeeth (credit: NDCS)

Guitar hero
16-year-old Vijeeth may have finished his GCSEs, but his exams don’t stop there. Aiming for his grade eight in guitar, he explains why his hearing loss doesn’t come between him and his passion for music. Read more

Sara's overseas adventures
Travelling is a great way for a deaf young person to increase their confidence, make new friends and learn about the world. It’s also an opportunity for them to gain new skills by volunteering or learning a new language. We spoke to Sara about her travelling experiences. Read more