Parenting a deaf child - Parenting Tips

'Parenting' is raising a child, especially providing care, love and guidance. Parenting a deaf child is both similar and different to parenting any other child. Where there are differences, there are usually challenges. So, support and advice from other parents is often useful.

This booklet contains a range of useful advice and tips from parents of deaf children. Parents share their experience on:

  • developing communication
  • warning children of danger
  • helping your child mix with others
  • dealing with emotions
  • managing frustration
  • raising confidence; and
  • your feelings

"Main thing to remember is that 'What is good for deaf children is good for all children."

Jane, mother of Rebecca (age 12)

Developing communication

Successful development of language and communication supports all other aspects of parenting a deaf child.  Whichever you choose, sign language, speech or a mixture of both, there are some strategies that help with the general development of language. These might include building a word or sign vocabulary, including the child in all family situations or using books in the home. In this book, parents share their parenting experience of supporting the development of language and communication.

"The best thing a parent can do is believe in themselves and their deaf child, and remember they know their child better than anyone."

Nicola, mother of Ruaridh and Erika (ages 13 and 11)

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Parenting a deaf child: Parenting tips part 1

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Parenting a deaf child: Parenting Tips part 2

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