Getting support from your local council

Photo montage from front cover of Know Your Rights resources.

You and your deaf child could have legal rights to practical help with things like equipment and communication support from your local council or authority (or Health and Social Services Trust in Northern Ireland). 

Support from your local council can involve anything that will help meet the ‘eligible needs’ of your child and family.

For example:

  • technology to help keep your child safe and independent at home – such as vibrating smoke alarms/doorbells or a pager system
  • financial help to communicate with your child, such as learning sign language
  • a communication support worker who can support your child in the community
  • travel training to help your child use public transport independently
  • information on local services that are accessible to disabled children and their families.

Find out more about getting help from your local council by reading our guide for your nation.

Please note that at the time of writing, the Scottish Government is making some changes to how some key rights will be implemented. This follows a Supreme Court ruling in July 2016. More information on this is included in the resource.

My deaf child and getting sign language lessons


One family's story of how they got equipment and sign language lessons for their deaf son from their local council, and a social worker for deaf people talks about the support that could be available to families with deaf children. 

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