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Understanding Your Child's Hearing Tests

The purpose of this booklet is to give families basic information about deafness.

It explains the different types and levels of deafness and includes information on the variety of hearing tests that can be carried out to check a child’s hearing.

It also explains about the ear and how it works, different types of deafness, the different types of hearing aids, and audiograms.


Glue Ear - A guide for parents

An information leaflet for parents, explaining the condition of glue ear and discussing possible treatment options.

This publication reflects the NICE (National Institute of Clinical Evidence) guidance that was published in 2008.


Tips for communicating with deaf children

This flyer is aimed at mainstream schools to improve deaf awareness.


Newly Identified Family Weekend Brochure

NDCS runs weekends all over the UK for families of newly identified deaf children. They provide an opportunity for families to relax, meet each other and share experiences.

Parents take part in a weekend programme of group discussion led by experienced NDCS staff and volunteers. Specialist information sessions are led by professionals such as teachers, speech and language therapists and audiologists. The weekends are free of charge.

The Newly Identified Family Weekend Brochure is downloadable and gives further information, including typical weekend programmes and how to make a booking.


Helping your deaf child to learn

An NDCS publication which has been written to support parents in helping their child to learn.

Parents of deaf children have contributed the information, activities, hints and tips.


Cochlear Implants Leaflet

This 2009 guide gives information about cochlear implants for deaf children as well as different stories from families and young deaf people who have been through the process of considering cochlear implants.


Vision Care for your deaf child

This booklet is published jointly by NDCS and Sense. This booklet explains the importance of getting your child's eyes tested, the types of tests available, common eye conditions, and the things to think about before your child has their vision checked.


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