About local groups

Local groups are a great way to meet other families of deaf children. They run a number of social events and activities, provide support to parents and carers and give deaf children the chance to meet outside of school. 


What is a local group?

Local groups are a fun and informal way to meet other families of deaf children.

We have over 100 local groups across the UK; each one is run by a committee of volunteers who are usually parents of deaf children, working with local professionals to support other families. They put in a lot of energy and time into running a group and do it all for free.

Although we work closely with local groups, each group is independent. This allows them the choice to run activities and events depending on the needs and interests of local families.  Each local group has its own webpage that lists what is on offer and how to contact them.  

How do I join a local group?

If you're interested in joining your local group, it's easy to get involved! Find out why you should join, what the members think and how to get signed up.

What can a local group offer me?

Through a local deaf children's society you can access information and emotional support, and take part in fun social activities throughout the year.
Local groups organise activities such as day trips, parties and coffee mornings. Some also have youth groups, organise sign language classes or hold information days to raise deaf awareness. 
You may get the chance to chat to local health and educational professionals too.

"This was great for my daughter as it made her realise she was not the only deaf child in the area"

'If you just learn one thing from your local group it will have been worth going- I learn more and more every time I go"

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