Local Groups Annual Meetings

NDCS offers Local Groups the opportunity to get together and meet other groups from across the regions, to celebrate successes and share challenges, by hosting a series of Annual Meetings - generally around Autumn time.

The local groups team provide updates on activity across NDCS, advice and training to help you maximise your group's potential and continue your great work in the community.

Many groups leave feeling motivated and inspired with fresh ideas and new tricks up their sleeves!

"An excellent day, we really enjoyed the active and interactive sessions, very valuable, thank you!" National Council event 2015 

"I have learnt so much about the work that NDCS does and I feel privileged to be a part of it" Leeds National Council 2016 

We encourage as many of your members to attend as possible. NDCS will cover the cost of travel to and from the event for one representative from each local group. For those who live over 90 minutes travel time from the venue, NDCS will be happy to cover the cost of accommodation on the evening prior to the event.

We also provide a free lunch for all those attending and communication support if needed. Where possible we will arrange child care provision, but this is not always feasible.


Local Groups Annual Meetings in 2017

Annual meetings - dates this year

London - Saturday October 7th

Scotland  - Saturday November 4th

Leeds - Saturday November 11th

Northern Ireland - Sunday 4th February, 2018 

Annual Meetings - all slides (images removed) 4939kb

Presentation slides from the 2017 Local Groups Annual Meetings

Local Groups Annual Meetings

The 2016 National Councils have been excellent  with a Scotland, Leeds, Northern Ireland and London seeing around 20 local groups in attendance.

We're very happy to have had 4 successful events in 2016/17 and look forward to this year's events, which will start in the Autumn, with London kicking us off on October 7th.

The feedback has been great, one of the most successful sessions was run by the Participation team who helped the young people to consult with their local groups.

Another popular session was "Making the most of your members" where we all shared tips on getting your members more involved in helping the run your groups. Charlotte has written up the results and you can download them to share with your group here:





Encouraging members to become volunteers - tips from Local groups 755kb

Write up of Making the most of your members training

2015 National Councils

The feedback from attendees of the 2015 National Councils was extremely positive, with many committee members commenting on how the 'Health and Safety'  training and 'The Key to keeping you group active and effective' sessions were particularly useful.

An Introduction to health and safety for events (4963 kb) [pptx]

The key to keeping your group effective and active (243 kb) [pdf]

"Health and Safety session was an active and interactive session, extremely valuable, thank you" National Council Attendee 2015