Hackney Deaf Children's Society

Are you the parent or carer of a deaf child or a child with a hearing loss? Do you live in the Hackney area?

About our group

Hackney Deaf Children's Society is a local group run by parents and carers of deaf children, working together with local health and educational professionals

Aims and activities

All of the groups registered to NDCS are very different. Most get together regularly and organise occasional activities for deaf children and their parents.

The type of events local groups organise depends on what their members want. They usually try to organise some children’s activities like trips to the theatre, or local theme parks; Christmas and summer parties; visits to restaurants or bowling alleys for older children, or arts and crafts evenings.

Some groups also organise events for parents. These might include coffee mornings for newly diagnosed parents; nights out for mums and dads; information days on specific subjects and talks from local professionals.

Groups are run by a committee of volunteers. These are usually parents of deaf children.

Find out what Hackney DCS get up to and how you can get involved by contacting them on hackney@ndcsgroup.org.uk


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