Join a local group

Are you thinking about joining a local group?

Funday with children

Local groups are a fantastic family support network and give deaf children the opportunity to meet each other and make friends. 

"This was great for my daughter as it made her realise she was not the only deaf child in the area" 

Through a local deaf children's society you can access information and emotional support, and take part in fun social activities throughout the year.

 "I love that my son has fabulous friends in both the hearing and deaf worlds"

There's usually a chance to chat to local health and educational professionals too.

'If you just learn one thing from your local group it will have been worth going- I learn more and more every time I go" 

How to join a local group

Getting involved in your local group couldn't be easier!

All you need to do is find out where your nearest local Deaf Children's Society is and contact them directly.

It is likely that you will have to fill in a short membership form, providing some basic information and your contact details. Most groups are either free to join or charge a small membership fee.

Find a local group

We have over 100 local groups across the UK. Find the one that's closest to you and contact them!

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