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How technology can help your child.

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Apps for deaf young people

Our apps resource explains what benefits you or your deaf child could get from using apps on a Smartphone or tablet device.

Fun apps for your holiday for those with a hearing loss

Find out which apps may be helpful to you or your deaf child whilst on holiday abroad.

Types of technology

There are five main types of equipment for deaf children – listening devices, alerting devices, subtitles and sign language, communication technology and radio aids.

Technology Test Drive

Technology Test Drive offers deaf children and their families throughout the UK the opportunity to borrow radio aids and other equipment to assess in the comfort of their own homes and at school.

Photo of Alex, his mum Lynn and dad Phil on the sofa.

How technology helps my child cope with his hearing loss

With 12-year-old Alex’s teenage years approaching, mum Lynn’s discovered technology that’s helping him become more independent.

Technology for children with additional complex needs

Advice on features to look for and products which might help your child if they have additional needs

How to get technology

Information on how to get the equipment your child is entitled to and who to contact.


Most of the equipment mentioned in this section is available from your local social services. However, you may choose to buy equipment yourself.

Acoustics in school

The NDCS is working to support professionals in focusing on good classroom listening conditions.


Would you like to volunteer for Technology Test Drive?


Technology impact study

This explains the benefits that products and technology can offer deaf children and young people.