Apps for deaf people

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There are many apps for deaf people or those with hearing loss, for both adults and children. These apps are available on Apple, Android, Windows or Blackberry and could have real benefits in everyday life.

NDCS has created an apps resource suitable for deaf people (we use the word 'deaf' to refer to all types of hearing loss) or for families of deaf children to easily find out which apps are most suitable - all in one place. To access our apps resource you will need to become a member of NDCS

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NDCS has also created an information resource about tablets and useful features to look for when choosing a tablet. We have included a step-by-step guide to setting up 'Guided Access' on an iPad, which gives you a range of options, like locking the iPad to one particular app.

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Below we categorise the apps available in our resource for deaf people including those with different types hearing loss

Developing Early Skills

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Apps which have been designed to target a range of early skills for young children aged 0-4.

The apps resource features:

  • Apps to help develop early numeracy skills
  • Apps to help develop early reading and writing skills
  • Apps to help with communication, including sign language
  • Apps to help encourage interaction and discussion
  • Apps which help develop problem-solving and memory skills

Fun apps for your holiday for those with a hearing loss

Spread Signs (credit: NDCS)

The apps resource features fun and engaging apps which could be really entertaining for deaf young people to use both with friends and independently over the school holidays.

This includes:

  • apps which support communication and could be useful for deaf young people when they are abroad
  • very accessible mainstream apps which offer fun and creative things to do either at home or whilst out and about

Apps to help you visit the doctor independently

Well Happy Logo (credit: NDCS)

The apps resource features apps which could help a deaf young person to see a Doctor or nurse by themselves or find out information about their health. 

This includes:

  • apps which may improve communication between you and your Doctor or nurse.
  • apps which can help increase your independence by giving you access to useful health-related information


Apps for communication

Skype Logo (credit: NDCS)

The apps resource features apps which could help with communication in a number of ways.

The resource features:

  • Apps which allow you to communicate by text or video
  • Apps which amplify sound in the environment
  • Examples of apps for deaf people including Skype,  Google +, Dragon Dictation, Aud1 and more
  • We feature the costs of apps

Alerting apps

Flash Notification Logo (credit: NDCS)

We feature alerting apps in our apps resource because these can help deaf users be aware of what is going on around them wherever they are.

The apps resource includes:

  • Apps which alert users to sounds or movement in their environment
  • Apps which make your Smartphone or tablet flash or vibrate to notify you of a message
  • Examples of alerting apps including Flash Notifications, Tap Tap and more
  • We include the costs of alerting apps

Entertainment apps

BBC iPlayer Logo (credit: NDCS)

The apps resource features apps that could help deaf young people and children enjoy and have better access to music, TV, films, books and games.

Visit the apps resource to find out about:

  • Apps which provide subtitles and lyrics
  • Mainstream games that can be enjoyed by deaf people
  • Apps that allow you to tailor your device to receive news or special interest stories in a very accessible format
  • Examples of entertainment apps including BBC iPlayer, Sound Hound, My Playhome and more
  • We also include costs of entertainment apps

Travel and leisure apps

UK Train Times Logo (credit: NDCS)

The apps resource features travel and leisure apps which could make it easier for deaf people to travel independently, as well as enjoying their interests and social activities.

Visit the apps resource to find out about:

  • Apps for travel - mainstream travel-related apps that could help deaf people or those who have hearing loss
  • Taxi-hailing apps, booking transport apps
  • Apps to help a deaf child take part in leisure activities
  • Travel and leisure apps including Inclusive Britain, UK Train Times and more
  • We also feature costs of apps

Apps to help with your child's education

Notability Logo (credit: NDCS)

There are many apps which could help children learn to read, write or cover any aspect of their education.

The apps resource features:

  • Apps to help with note-taking at school
  • Apps to help with organisation at school
  • Apps to help with revision
  • Links to further resources for Apple, Android and Blackberry Educational Apps

Sign language apps

ITV Signed Stories Main Image 1 (credit: NDCS)

Do you use British Sign Language or looking to learn?

The apps resource includes:

  • Apps for learning BSL
  • Apps that feature BSL
  • Sign language Entertainment apps and learning resources for younger children and older learners
  • Sign language apps including ITV Signed Stories, Sign It and more 

Audiology Apps that explain hearing loss and the ear

Auditory Verbal Main Image 1 (credit: NDCS)

Apps which have been designed as audiological tools or to provide information on a range of specialised topics, from physiology to hearing aids.

The apps resource features:

  • Information resources for hearing devices e.g. hearing aids or cochlear implants
  • Apps for audiologists, therapists and teachers
  • Examples of audiology apps including Auditory Verbal, Cochlear Baha Support and more

Apps for deaf people with additional needs

Special Stories Logo (credit: NDCS)

Our section on apps for deaf people with additional needs features:

  • Communication apps for children who require extra help expressing ideas or emotions
  • Entertainment apps - Games which may be enjoyed by deaf children and young people who have additional needs
  • Apps for activities and routines - e.g. charts and planners
  • Examples of apps for additional needs including Grid Player, Special Stories and more 


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