NDCS: The National Deaf Children's Society
Jessica Hardy

Technology and products for deaf children at home and out and about

In this section

Communicating with your deaf child in the car

Here we look at some products which might help you communicate better with your child in the car, as well as some useful tips for communicating during car journeys. 

Waking up in the morning

Information about how specialist alarm clocks can help deaf children wake up independently in the morning.

Knowing someone's at the door

How to choose a suitable doorbell for a deaf child so they know when someone is at the door and likely to come into your home.

Alerting your child in case of fire

How specialist smoke alarms can alert deaf children in the event of fire and help them take responsibility for their own safety.

Using the telephone

Information about products to help deaf children communicate with friends and family using landline and mobile phones and accessories that work with them.

Online communication

There are many ways of communicating online - here are some of the main methods your child might use.

Enjoying TV, films and music

How TVs, Hi Fi systems, portable music players, DVD players, gaming devices, tablets, and laptops can be connected to a range of products that can help deaf children to hear them better.

Out and about

Equipment that might help your child in noisy situations and public places.

At work or on a work placement

There are lots of products that might help deaf young people when they are on a work placement, in a part-time job or starting to work full-time.

Connecting hearing devices to other products

How to connect your child’s hearing aid, cochlear implant or other implantable device to different products (including TVs, entertainment devices, telephones and radio aids).