How radio aids can help deaf children

Radio aids are used in schools and educational settings to help deaf children hear their teachers and other students better. They can also be helpful when used at home, during activities or when out and about.

Situations when it is difficult to listen
Hearing aids and cochlear implants allow most wearers to hear quiet speech in ideal listening situations. However, most speech is heard in less than ideal listening situations and there are times when your child may find it difficult to hear and listen, such as when:

  • there is unwanted background noise
  • sounds are echoing around the room (reverberation)
  • there is a distance between the person who is speaking and the deaf child
How can radio aids help your deaf child?
Radio aids can help overcome these problems. They are used widely in schools and educational establishments to help deaf children hear their teachers and other students better, although they can be useful in many other situations too.

How do radio aids work?
A radio aid consists of a transmitter, worn by a teacher for example, and a receiver, worn by your child. The radio aid works by making the sound the child needs to hear, such as the teacher’s voice, clearer in relation to unwanted background noises.

How a radio aid helps Dylan
"Dylan has had a radio aid for two years now. He uses it at school with receivers attached to the bottom of his aids and it allows him to hear his teacher much louder than the background noise in the classroom. Since he got them his focus in lessons has improved enormously – previously he would be distracted very easily. When he is doing group work in class his teacher takes the transmitter and places it in the middle of the table. This helps Dylan to hear the other children and take part in group activities." David, father of Dylan (8)

Could a radio aid help your deaf child?

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Front cover image of How Radio Aids Can Help: Information for families (credit: NDCS)

How Radio Aids Can Help: A guide for families shows how radio aids and soundfield systems can help deaf children, the different types of radio aid systems available, and how to maintain radio aids.


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