Technology Test Drive - our FREE product loan service

The NDCS Technology Test Drive service offers deaf children, their families and the professionals working with them the opportunity to borrow a wide range of products and try them out in their own home or at school.

The service is provided to NDCS members free of charge.

The Technology Test Drive can help you decide which products can help your child. After the loan you may decide to purchase the product or you may be able to obtain it from your local education authority or social services on a long-term basis.

Equipment available to borrow

Please note: as a charity our stock of equipment is limited which may mean that it is not always available to borrow when ordered; in these circumstances we will contact you to explore either the loan of alternative equipment with similar functions, or to discuss an alternative source for the originally requested equipment.

Alerting devices

Products for school and hearing speech

Phones and phone accessories

Products for entertainment


How to borrow equipment

1.    Sign up to become a member
2.    Choose which product(s) you would like to trial
3.    Complete the online order form following the link with each product or contact our Helpline team.

There is a separate form for borrowing a radio aid which needs to be downloaded and completed by both a parent and a professional working with your child, for example their Teacher of the Deaf.


If you have any questions about the equipment or forms, please contact our Helpline team.



The typical prices are shown with each product; please note that they exclude VAT. Some of the products are VAT exempt if they are purchased for use by a deaf child or young person. More information is available from the retailers listed with each product.


Terms and conditions

Our Technology Test Drive is a very popular service. To make sure as many families as possible have access to it, we ask everyone to take good care and responsibility for the technology whilst they have it on loan. Please take a moment to read our terms and conditions before you apply. 


Your views and comments

Technology Test Drive quote (credit: NDCS)

We are always pleased to receive your comments about Technology Test Drive – how useful you have found it and how you feel it could be improved.

It is also helpful to hear your opinion about the products you have tried. We always share your feedback with the manufacturers of the equipment.

You can email us at if you have information or views to share with us. 

"He was not able to hear the TV before using the loop. Now he is able to join in with the family more and was very excited to hear the words to films he had watched many times before and be able to understand them."

"It gave us the opportunity to see the product 'in the flesh' and use the functionalities in a different number of scenarios. We could also determine from the trial whether it was beneficial for both children and if it was user friendly."