Understanding your child's hearing tests

This is a guide to the hearing and medical tests that are used to find out the type, level and cause of deafness.

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Bengali language version of Understanding your child's hearing tests.

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Understanding Deafness is also available in Welsh.

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See what happens at a hearing test

Watch Georgie take a pure tone audiometry and tympanometry hearing test with her audiologist Sharmila.

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Severe loss infant

22 January 2015

Does anyone have a positive experience/success story of a infant with a severe loss benefiting from a hearing aid ?



13 March 2014

Please help us, i'm hitting brick walls with this condition. Hyperacusis is the total opposite of being deaf, hearing too much/sensitivity and in constant pain. Every site/Doctor I ask where I can get support from directs us to here. To no end. The condition is classed as hearing impaired, but there is little to no help, please, can you help my daughter get the support she needs as this condition is taking it's toll on her now and she needs help.

Sue - London

hearing test/loss

22 August 2013

My daughter recently had a hearing screening that she failed. not hearing up to and over 100dc in her left ear She was refered to St thomas's hospital to the audiology team. Whom said her hearing is fine. However she inconsistently complains of pain in her ears, to the extent of covering her ears, when sounds such as sirens,grand piano people shouting Any advice or suggestions willbe appreciated


hearing test

22 August 2013

My son was under ent/audiology when he was 2 because he did not talk, they told me it was glue ear and would grow out of it. We were discharged when he was 5. Now he is 8 and school called in a nurse to do a hearing test which he failed we were then referred to audiololgy and he failed his test at 30 db ent said he needed hearing aids as he has sensorineural deafness, turned up today to have them fitted and the audiologist said no he has to have more hearing tests done as she doesnt believe he is sensori neural so he failed the test today but she still is not convinced and said it was inconclusive so we have to go back next week for more hearing tests and she will try a different test if he appears to be failing the test!! Forgive me here but am i missing something either he needs aids or he doesn't why am i being taken round in circles again? All i want is to know if my son has a problem or not ent said yes based on his first test audiology say no we will keep testing him!


Conductive hearing loss

20 March 2013

My little boy has failed his hearing tests since birth and was diagnosed with conductive hearing loss. He has had grommets, but he didn't improve. He started with one hearing aid and now has a second one. It is hard to understand is condition and not a lot of support in general. He attends a wonderful school that has been a pillar for our family. However, due to hearing fluctuation is speech is becoming affected. It is extremely difficult as he is not profound deaf but the inconsistency of his hearing make his struggle even greater. We are aware that schools and sounds systems could help, but unsure where to purchase them and what cost. I fully understand parents frustation as this condition is likely to improve but as years go by it apperas to deteriorate. Ethan is now 8 years old and was diagnosed around 2/3 years old (grommets trial).

Mafalda Amadeu

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