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  • New data shows deaf students 50% less likely to go to UK’s top universities

    • 26 July 2018

    - Freedom of Information request reveals deaf students are half as likely to go to Russell Group universities as students who are not deaf.

    - This is despite the same percentage of deaf young people who have taken A-levels going to university as their hearing peers.

    - In the last ten years, the number of disabled students at university has increased by nearly 60%, but today’s research shows that big barriers still exist for deaf young people entering higher education.  

    - The National Deaf Children’s Society is calling on Russell Group universities to tackle this admissions gap, work out why it exists, and develop programmes to widen access for deaf young people.

    - Susan Daniels, the charity’s Chief Executive today warned: “Russell Group universities urgently need to step up to the plate to make sure the incredible potential of deaf young people isn’t squandered.”

  • Deaf children one step closer to a GCSE in Sign Language

    • 13 June 2018

    Deaf children are one step closer to a GCSE in British Sign Language (BSL) after a year-long campaign by deaf young people and the National Deaf Children’s Society. 

  • New data shows councils cutting £4million of support for deaf children

    • 15 May 2018

    •Freedom of Information requests reveal over a third of councils in England (45) are planning to cut support for deaf children this year. 

    •In these areas, deaf children will lose £4million of support, an average cut of 10% across these local authorities. 

    •In the last four years, 1 in 10 specialist Teachers of the Deaf have already been cut, and deaf children’s results have got worse.

    •A leading children’s charity commented: “The Government urgently need to step in and tackle this mounting funding crisis in deaf children’s education.  By not acting, this Government is putting the education of too many deaf children at risk, and letting their futures hang in the balance.”

    •The National Deaf Children’s Society is calling for the Government to make sure funding for deaf children keeps pace with increasing demand, the ring fence on schools funding is reviewed, and investments are made in training new Teachers of the Deaf so that no deaf child is left behind.

  • Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen launches search for aspiring young deaf talent

    • 15 February 2018

    Former England ruby union winger and Strictly Come Dancing contestant Ben Cohen wants deaf young people across the UK to enter Raising the Bar to showcase their talents at the performing arts workshops run by the National Deaf Children’s Society.  

  • New government data shows deaf children’s attainment getting worse

    • 1 February 2018

    New data published by the Department for Education shows that at GCSE level, the attainment gap between deaf children and children with no special educational needs (SEN) has widened. Deaf children are now falling 24% behind their classmates, and are achieving more than a whole grade less at GCSE.  


  • New research shows specialist support for 45,000 deaf children in crisis

    • 8 January 2018
    - Councils have slashed numbers of specialist Teachers of the Deaf by 14% in the last 7 years, despite reporting a 31% increase in the number of deaf children. 
    - 57% of existing specialist staff are due to retire in the next 10 to 15 years.
    - 15% of councils have 1 specialist teacher for every 100 students.
    - Government has no plan in place to recruit new specialist support, with a leading children’s charity commenting: “The evidence couldn’t be clearer. A whole generation of deaf children will have their futures decimated if the Government doesn’t act before it’s too late.”

  • Landmark report is a damning indictment on the state of special educational needs services in England

    • 26 October 2017

     A landmark report from Ofsted paints a damning picture of the state of services for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND).

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