Everything you need for your Big Cake Bake

Organise a Big Cake Bake, chat about deaf awareness and help your friends, family and community become more deaf-friendly.

Free Big Cake Bake Kit

Our free Big Cake Bake Kit contains items to help you to promote and get the most out of your event including balloons, a promotion poster and cake topper. 

Sign up for the Big Cake Bake here to get your free kit.


To help you to get started

Along with your Big Cake Kit you have access to:

Big Cake Bake Kit


Resources to help you promote your Big Cake Bake


Resources to help share deaf awareness tips


Paying in your dough

You can donate in several ways:

  • send a cheque made payable to NDCS along with your completed donation and paying in form/s to us at The Big Cake Bake, National Deaf Children’s Society, Castle House, 37 – 45 Paul Street, London, EC2A 4LS
  • set up your own online fundraising page
  • or select the option that best describes how you found out about The Big Cake Bake and donate online.
Resources to help you to pay in your dough