Getting the best deal for deaf students

Disabled Students' Allowance is changing. In September 2016, a new process will come into play and universities will take on responsibility for making adjustments for disabled students. Please check back on this page for regular updates on the campaign. 

The campaign so far

Thank you. Your campaigning and support has secured a better deal for deaf students.

When the Government announced plans which would have excluded specialist note takers for deaf students from DSA, we had our concerns about the impact this would have on deaf students but we have recently received the news that specialist note takers (who have received training on how to write comprehensive notes for deaf or visually impaired students) have been granted an exemption to the DSA changes.

However, the DSA Assessor will still have to make a recommendation that this support is required for the student to receive it. Unfortunately, proof readers will no longer be funded by DSA. For more information on these changes, please read our blog


Why are we stilll concerned?

Although we have had some success in this campaign, there is still more to do. We will be monitoring the new system as it comes into play and keeping you updated. 

Campaigns question marks (credit: NDCS)

  • Universities may refuse to provide 'reasonable adjustments' for students.
  • There is no information from the Government about how minimum standards of 'reasonable adjustments' will be enforced.
  • There is no authority to ensure that universities fulfil their responsibilities to disabled student.
  • There is no guarantee that universities will have the breadth of knowledge and expertise to meet the needs of deaf students.

DSA Briefing 757kb

A briefing for members, campaigners and professionals on the impact of changes to Disabled Students' Allowance


What are the changes?

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  • Universities will now be responsible for covering the cost of adjustments for disabled students. 
  • DSA funding will no longer include non-specialist support, such as note takers.
  • Funding will not be provided for changes to university halls, such as flashing fire alarms. 
  • There is not yet clarity on the process by which universities will agree what support will be provided. 


What next? Read our blog...

Campaigns blog (credit: NDCS)

You can find more information about the changes on our Campaigns Blog.