Ways to get involved

Office Olympics

Go for glory in your Office Olympics 2016.

The Office Olympics is made up of four rounds, split into two disciplines: Track and Field.

All you have to do is:

  • Get 8 of your colleagues each donating £5
  • split up into two teams of four
  • choose which of the disciplines you want to take part in
  • Most importantly, have fun and help raise vital funds for deaf children

Good luck! Let the competitions begin*

(*victory champagne not included!)

 We will be launching the event on the 5 August so email corporate.fundraising@ndcs.org.uk to receive your free fundraising pack which includes certificates for your closing ceremony.

Please make sure you ask your boss for permission and play safe around the office.


Cause related marketing

We're open to offers from companies who have products that fit within our ethical fundraising policy.

We have experience in developing strong marketing plans to help increase your brand while delivering on income for our charity.  


Charity of the Year

As companies have many different ways of approaching this type of relationship we would be really interested to find out more information about your application process.

For example, do you have a staff vote? Do you have a written application? Or would you need us to deliver a presentation to your charity committee?

Feel free to email the team with details on the application process for your company.


Fundraising in the workplace

There are many fun ways you can fundraise in the workplace including:

Kid with jar mc (credit: NDCS)

Hold a cake sale - Everyone loves a delicious homemade sweet treat and holding a cake sale is easy!

Join a Challenge event - Take on a Challenge event with your work associates! There are many options from a 10K to skydiving to an overseas cycle.

Lunchtime Quiz - Create a quiz and charge teams to play.

Dress Down Day - Organize a dress down day where staff members pay to wear casual dress to work.


Payroll Giving

Payroll Giving is a simple, tax-efficient scheme which allows employees to donate to any UK registered charity of their choice directly from their salary, or occupational pension, before tax.

Making a donation through Payroll Giving costs less because it's tax free. A monthly gift of £10 could cost as little as £6.00 (based on a higher-rate tax payer). While it costs the donor less, we receive your gift with the tax included, courtesy of the tax man.
Start giving today


Other opportunities

Celebration donations

Asking for a donation in lieu of, or as well as a gift, is a very easy and personal way to celebrate a special occasion such as a retirement, work anniversary or promotion.

We can supply donation envelopes and personalised place cards for your special celebration. Contact the team for more information or to get involved.


We currently only recycle toners, for more information please email corporate.fundraising@ndcs.org.uk


We can set up an event which will provide a platform for deaf teenagers to learn more about what options they have when leaving education.

This blog gives a good idea about the type of opportunities we are looking for.


Contact me

If you require any further information on any of the above ideas or want to get involved please contact:

Corporate Partnerships Fundraiser