Ready Steady Swim!

Ready Steady Swim - 2 girls splashing 

Make a splash and raise some cash by taking part in our sponsored swim event.

Download this documentReady Steady Swim - Registration form 2015 444kb

Download your registration form here!

Who can make a splash?

Ready Steady Swim is open to EVERYONE of any age or ability!

You can take part as an individual, as a member of a team or with your school. It is a great way to challenge yourself and you will be swimming to support deaf children at the same time.


How do I sign up?

Choose a swimming distance and time in which to complete it. Set yourself a fundraising target and deadline and then fill in a registration form and send it to us.

You will then be sent the following by email or post:
- Sponsorship form
- Record card (to keep track of your swimming progress)

Remember to get permission from your swimming pool before starting your challenge.


Choosing your challenge

Choose from our list of suggested distances or pick your own challenge.
  • Bronze – 100 metres
  • Silver – 500 metres
  • Gold – 1000 metres
  • Platinum - 1 mile (1,609 metres)
Shard – 310 metres
English Channel – 21 miles (32km)
London Marathon – 26.2 miles (42km)
Everest Base Camp – 38.5 miles (62km)
Panama Canal – 48 miles (77km)

If you are taking part as a group you could tackle the equivalent of swimming the London Marathon route or the length of the Panama Canal! 

Convert your target distance into lengths depending on the size of your swimming pool.


Raising the money

Ask your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you.

Sponsorship can be given per length or to complete the challenge.

Set up a JustGiving donation page by visiting and searching for NDCS. You can select 'Ready, Steady, Swim' as your event.

Once you have completed your challenge collect any cash donations and send a cheque made payable to 'NDCS' to National Deaf Children's Society, Castle House, 37 – 45 Paul Street, London EC2A 4LS.

We will add any JustGiving donations to your cash donations and you will receive a certificate for the full amount raised.


Shout about making a splash for some cash!

Let everyone know that you are taking on a Ready Steady Swim challenge for NDCS.

- Post it on your Facebook page
- Tweet about it!
- Contact your local paper and ask them to write about what you are doing.
- Share your JustGiving page with your contacts


Deaf Friendly Swimming resources

As part of our Me2 Deaf Friendly Swimming project we have deaf friendly swimming resources available here which include hints and tips and BSL signs to help you communicate at the pool.

"The NDCS have been fantastic for us in terms of guidance, encouragement and support; they also gave us our initial deaf awareness training." Jackie at 'Take the Plunge' Swim School.