Star schools and star spellers

Congratulations to our star schools and star spellers!

Anna Ritchie School

Amount raised: £97.14

Anna Ritchie held a variety of events during Deaf Awareness Week 2015. These included signed Twister, a timed fingerspelling competition, a bake sale, dress as you please wearing blue or purple and a lip reading challenge

Thank you to everyone who took part! 


Bartley CE Junior School

Amount raised: £278.78

Coin art template from fingerspellathon fundraising (credit: NDCS)

Pupils took part in the Fingerspellathon as part of a communication week. They held a collective worship devoted to finding out about NDCS, learning the signing alphabet and trying their best to follow the signs for the 'We Are Family' song!

Throughout the week, they carried on this work in spelling lessons, trying out their focus words using sign language.

"As we have some children in our school with hearing difficulties, it was good for us to find out more about their experience communicating. The week culminated with each class trying to fill as many hand templates with coins as they could. Some classes were filling up to ten hands! Therefore, not only did the Fingerspellathon help our spelling and communication awareness, it also helped fine-tune our maths skills with many of the children helping to count out and bag  the thousands of coins"


Connaught School for Girls

Year 8 pupils raised an amazing £820.07

Connaught School - Star Schools (credit: NDCS)

The whole year group were sponsored to learn to fingerspell. Not only did they raise money for us they also held a competition. The aim of the challenge was to spell as many words as they could correctly and use the fingerspelling alphabet to spell them out.

"We really enjoyed it. Now we know how to spell many words and we are sure we will try our best to help children in need in the future".   

The picture shows one of many fantastic pieces of art that the children produced as part of their Fingerspellathon.


Crompton House CE School - Raised £518!

Crompton School - Star Schools (credit: NDCS)

Pupils took part in a Fingerspellathon during deaf awareness week in March at Crompton House School. They learnt to sign the alphabet, basic words and the school grace during the week.

The school has four pupils who are deaf. Other activities included a short play showing the problems deaf children encounter in a mainstream classroom. There was also a deaf awareness fair with everything from alphabet buns, raffles and information on the NDCS.


Chasetown Specialist Sports College

Amount raised: £110 

Chasetown's Maths Department held an annual 'Christmas Puzzle'.
This year they decided to raise money for blind and deaf children. The quiz was fun and even had our office staff puzzled! 


The Churchill School, Hawkinge

Amount raised: £400.48

The Churchill School, Hawkinge, organised a Tag day (non uniform day) during Deaf Awareness Week. They raised money for NDCS in favour of one of the pupils, Lorraine, who is partially deaf.

Thank you to all the staff and pupils in the school who took part in the event and helped to raise such a brilliant amount. 


Damson Wood Infant School, Solihull

Amount raised: £123.29 

Damson Wood Infant School collected money during their Christmas plays and the school council decided to donate the money to a deaf charity.  


Great Ellingham School

Great Ellingham School Council have chosen NDCS as their charity of the year! 

Great Ellingham School COTY nomination (credit: NDCS)

Thank you to Liam who successfully nominated us to be the school's charity of the year. He made a poster explaining why the school should choose NDCS and they will be fundraising for us throughout their 2015/16 school year. The first fundraising event will be a cake bake in November. 


Kiddiewinkles Playgroup

Amount raised: £285.60

Kiddiewinkles Playgroup 2011 - All permission forms filled in community folder (credit: NDCS)

The Kiddiewinkles summer topic was 'Our Five Senses' and they decided to raise money for us to tie it in with 'Hear week'.  They all had lots of fun 'dressing up loud' and held a 'sponsored walk' in their local park with the parents. The children were offered many exciting activities throughout the week including making and playing musical instruments, listening to stories and playing sound lotto games to develop language, communication and listening skills and also to develop their confidence. 


Hurlingham School - Swan House

Amount raised: £2848.00

Hurlingham School (credit: NDCS)

70 pupils from Swan House at Hurlingham School in Putney have raised a fantastic £2848.00.

They spent a lunchtime in the pouring rain running around their playground for 10 - 20 minutes at a time and were sponsored by friends and family.

They all did tremendously well and we're really pleased that have been such star fundraisers!


Stonehenge School, Amesbury

Amount raised: £3,840.08  

Stonehenge School chose us as its Charity of the Year.


St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School, Bristol

Amount raised: £68.05 

St Bernadette Catholic Secondary School hold an annual charity week.

The charities are chosen by the pupils themselves on a tutor group basis. Money is raised from sponsored activities or sales of items organised by pupils and form tutors.


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