Our volunteers

If you want to volunteer with us, you will join over 700 NDCS volunteers who carry out roles for us. It’s amazing the different things volunteers do and the diversity of people who volunteer for us.

  • Youth Support Volunteers

Our Youth Support Volunteers make sure deaf children and young people can fully participate in our events across the UK.

  • Family Programme Volunteers

Our Family Programme Volunteers help families and carers understand how to support a deaf child to achieve their full potential.

  • Community Fundraising Volunteers

Our Community Fundraising Volunteers help us raise vital funds so we can offer a range of services to deaf children, young people and their families.

  • Community Support Volunteers
Our Community Support Volunteers make sure we help people from different communities.

How do I get started?

Have a look at our current vacancies to find out more and details of how to apply. You will need to complete an application process for us to find out what you can do and any support or training needed. This varies depending on the role you are applying for.

To find out if we are recruiting in your area or to request an application form you can also contact us on:

Email: volunteer@ndcs.org.uk

Phone : 0121 2349829

Text: 07805 786411


Other volunteering roles

If you want to volunteer your professional skills, for example in finance or PR, contact us at volunteer@ndcs.org.uk with a brief description of what you can offer. 

As well as volunteers who do things on our behalf, there are lots of people who do things in aid of us. If you are interested and want get more involved, have a look at:

If you are a deaf young person and want to get involved, take a look at the Buzz

We also work with partner organisations in other countries through our Deaf Child Worldwide activities