About Me2 deaf-friendly activities

Me2 deaf-friendly activities is all about making clubs and organisations fully accessible to all children.

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Since the success of the Deaf-Friendly football project (2007-2012) where we worked in partnership with the Football Association and football clubs across the UK, we have been working to make all leisure clubs, organisations and activities deaf-friendly.  

Our vision is for young deaf people to be able to participate on equal terms with their hearing peers across a wide range of activities. By taking small and simple steps youth organisations can do this.

We want all deaf young people to be able to stand up and say: “Me too!”


Contact the Me2 deaf-friendly activities team

Campaigns phone and email (credit: NDCS)

Contact the team for more information about Me2 deaf-friendly activities, or to tell us about your positive or negative experience with youth organisations.

Me2 deaf-friendly activities team
National Deaf Children's Society
Vincent House
Quay Place
92-93 Edward Street
B1 2RA

Email: me2@ndcs.org.uk
Telephone: 0121 234 9820