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Our deaf-friendly arts resources encourage everyone working within the arts, from dance, drama, music, visual arts tutors / practitioners as well as venue staff from theatres, galleries, music venues to arts centres to work to ensure that all deaf children and young people can be included the same as their hearing peers.

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Training and workshops

As well as our generic training courses, we have delivered bespoke deaf-friendly training to arts providers and organisations all around the UK.

Workshops include:

• How to make sure your participatory arts activities are accessible for deaf children and young people, tailoring adaptations for the Arts.
• How to welcome deaf children and young people to your venue if they are attending as an audience or for a workshop.

You can find out more about our training courses by clicking here.


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Resources and other support available

We have resources which have been written especially for arts activities and venues.

Please look at our Me2 deaf-friendly activities - supporting resources page for a comprehensive list of the resources that we offer.

If you want to consider involving a volunteer to support communication at your club we can support you. We could support you to understand what level of communication support you require and provide links to where to find BSL communicators and interpreters.

Deaf-friendly clubs, activities and events
If you haven't already, sign up to our Me2 deaf-friendly activities pledge. click the image below:

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Once signed up, you will be listed on our find a deaf-friendly activity pages. Click the image below for our current list of deaf-friendly activities:

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We will also be able to promote your activities to deaf children and young people or even support you to run your own event!


Arts BSL clips online

We have a number of clips available showing how to sign key words that you will use in an arts environment.

The catalogue includes terms used in Drama, Music, Dance and general pleasantries.

Please click here to see our catalogue of BSL terms.


Other deaf-friendly arts activities and events

Look on our find a deaf-friendly activity page for our database of deaf-friendly organisations.

You can find out who’s signed up to the deaf-friendly pledge  and who’s had our training


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Cinema and Theatre

We have done a lot of work with Cinemas and Theatres. You can find out more about these external partnerships by clicking on the following links:

Going to the cinema

Going to the theatre



To find out more about the work we are doing for music practitioners, please click the following link:



Where to go for more information

For further information please e mail 


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Rebecca lives in Belfast and wears two hearing aids. She dances, acts and sings. Here is her story.