Sports Activities

We work with a range of sporting organisations, from footballswimmingcricket and lots more!

We have been working with many national governing bodies and partner organisations to support them to make sure their sport is deaf-friendly and inclusive of all deaf children.

Please see the panel on the left and select the sport of interest to you to find out more.

Some sports are way ahead of the game and have lots of opportunities for deaf young people to get involved in participating, volunteering, coaching, officiating and lots more. Some sports also have national competitions and national teams playing in international events. Whereas other sports are just starting out their journey to ensure they are inclusive of deaf children and young people.

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Training and workshops

We have training workshops available that would suit sports activities such as our Making Activities Deaf Friendly training. Other training can more sport specific such as the Coaching Deaf Footballers course which is managed by the Football Association. You can see the resource for this in our information and resource library.

There is also the Sports Coach UK course - Effective Communication - coaching deaf people in sport open to all sports clubs, coaches, officials and volunteers - have a look!

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Resources and other support available

Information & resources
We have lots of resources available, some are sports wide, whilst others are sports specific. For example our Deaf-Friendly Swimming resource book with BSL for Swimming video clips and accompanying flashcards.

Please look at the menu on the left for the sport of interest to you to find out more about the resources available. A comprehensive list of our resources can be found in our information and resource library.

If you are looking to involve a volunteer to support communication at your club we may be able to support this. We can help you understand what level of communication support you require and provide links to where to find BSL communicators and interpreters.



Other deaf-friendly sports activities and events

Look on our find deaf-friendly activities near you pages for our database of deaf-friendly activities.


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