5th Young People’s Advisory Board launch

We're celebrating the fifth Youth Advisory Board (YAB) launch this week. Join us and make a difference!

YAB 5th advisory board launch

YAB 5th advisory board launch

Do you work with deaf young people aged 13 – 16 years?

Exciting things are happening at the National Deaf Children’s Society (NDCS) as we launch our 5th Young People’s Advisory Board this week!

The NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board was set up in 2011 to directly shape and guide the services that NDCS delivers. It offers an exciting opportunity for young people to meet other deaf young people, learn new skills and make a difference. 

The Board will be made up of 18 young people from across the UK and will meet at six residential weekends between January 2017 and January 2020. Members will work with NDCS trustees, regional directors and staff throughout the year, as well as other deaf young people in their local area. All their travel expenses, food and communication requirements (interpreters, palantypists etc). 

Board members will be trained and supported to discuss the issues that other deaf young people feel are most important to them. These could cover topics such as health, education, leisure and social activities.

If you know a young person who you think would be interested please pass on the information and encourage them to apply by visiting the Buzz website. Travel, accommodation and food are all covered by NDCS and full communication support is provided for all events.

To reflect the wide ranging experiences of deaf young people, four places on the YAB will be held for young people from socially vulnerable backgrounds. If you know a person from a socially vulnerable background who might benefit from a priority place on the YAB, please email the NDCS Participation team cyp@ndcs.org.uk

Applications will close on 1 December 2017, after which successful applicants will be invited to an informal interview in London, Cardiff, Birmingham or Glasgow- depending on their preference.

The first residential will be held in London on Saturday 3 February  – Sunday 4 February 2018 –young people must be available on these dates. 

Lucy Read, Head of Children and Young People’s Participation, says “the NDCS Young People’s Advisory Board offers a wonderful chance for deaf children and young people to be truly involved in the work of NDCS. Last year’s Board played a vital role in shaping our resources, events and future plans”

A member of the outgoing Board says “Before I joined the group, I thought we would have a lot of similar issues.  I was quite surprised just how different young people’s experiences are...e.g. access to support, education and services.  But we all had the same aim: to try to improve things no matter where you live through raising deaf awareness and campaigning.”

Should you have any questions or want further information about this opportunity please email the NDCS Participation team cyp@ndcs.org.uk or call 0207 014 5900 (voice).

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