Family sign language video goes viral

19 January 2012

A video created by a NDCS supporter in support of NDCS’s family sign language campaign has gone viral on the youtube website, being viewed over a million times.

Following this, a petition calling on the Government in England to ensure that families who need to learn sign language to be able to communicate with their deaf child get the support they need has now been signed by over 2,000 people.

NDCS is asking the Department for Education to consider rolling out a pilot across England that provided families with access to family-friendly sign language courses in their area. The pilots were described by the Prime Minister as a success. Following an initial meeting last year, NDCS will be submitting further proposals to the Department soon.

In the meantime, NDCS England is continuing to call on the public to support the campaign by signing the petition and writing to their MP.

More information:

Watch the video now >

Read an article on family sign language by deaf journalist, Charlie Swinbourne, for the Guardian > (external website)


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7 February 2012

I watched the youtube video of the child signing and thought it was great, I could even follow it myself. As a learner of BSL, it was good practice for me but I was really amazed and impressed watching this. Need more of them to keep informing the public and the government that signing is essential and needed in families.

Elizabeth Spearman - Yorkshire and the Humber

Family-friendly sign courses

7 February 2012

I think as a parent of a moderately deaf child Lucy it is very important to have these course options to further Lucy's communication skill( and other deaf children) we havent much knowledge of what Lucy can and cannot hear yet as she is only 18mths old but the little signs we have learnt between us as a family unit we have a little understanding but we as a family think it is hugely important to learn BSL and help Lucy ! As a family for us it is important to meet Lucy half way a least to learn a language we both understand why should "deaf" always have to adapt why not the "hearing" too,! We have no history at all of deafness in our family, but how Lucy has opened our lives to others and all for the better !