Online Reading Research Project

13 February 2017

Researchers at the Universities of Roehampton, Birmingham and Edinburgh are looking for deaf young people to take part in a new research project about online reading skills. 

Who can take part?

Are you a parent of a child who:

  • has a moderate to profound hearing loss
  • has a cochlear implant
  • is aged 13 to 14; and
  • has a reading age within a year of their chronological age? 

Would they like to take part in an online reading research project? If so, Rachel O’Neill ( would like to hear from you. 

Ideally you will have recent standardised reading score for your son/daughter. However, if you don’t have a recent standardised test result, but he/she is likely the right level for this study, we are happy to contact your child’s school service to ask if they have. If not, we will send the Teacher of the Deaf a diagnostic standardised reading assessment, mark it for them and return the diagnostic profile for their/your use.

If your son/daughter is suitable for this study, we will ask you to download an information sheet and consent form and another consent form asking for permission to video their son/daughter. These documents are available on the project website to download.

More information can be found at the Online reading research project website.